Naturopathic Pediatrics Guide To Whole Health – 6 Month Well Child Guide (E-Book)

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A note from Dr. Erika Krumbeck:

Have you ever wondered what a naturopathic physician like myself discusses at a well-child check?  Naturopathic physicians typically spend 45 minutes to an hour in well child visits.  We spend this extra time with families because our goal is not just to treat sick kids, but to keep kids from getting sick in the first place. A naturopathic physician always focuses on prevention – whether it be food allergies, asthma, diabetes, obesity or a host of other chronic health conditions.  Prevention of disease starts in infancy! 

Naturopathic physicians treat the whole – the whole person AND the whole family.  Naturopathic physicians treat the cause, not just the symptom of the problem.  And best of all, naturopathic physicians have lots of natural tricks and tips to keep kids healthy.

All of this starts on your child's very first day of life!

This Well Child Guide is a window into my office – a peek at what I normally discuss during well child visits with my patients.  It contains a naturopathic perspective on health for kids at their particular developmental stage.   I also compiled many useful pieces of information into one place. For more information on what this guide covers please see below!


Included in the 6 Month Well Child Guide

  • Normal development at six months
  • Solid food introductions: signs your baby is ready for solid foods, great first foods, how to start Baby Led Weaning, the importance of iron-containing foods, how to detect a food sensitivity, and foods NOT to give babies.  We have included a number of food charts with examples of great “first” foods,  “next” foods and iron-containing foods.
  • Sleep: average awake time, number of naps, bedtime routines and more.
  • Safety tips: there are lots of them for babies who will shortly be on the move!
  • Vaccines – which vaccines are typically recommended at the 6 month visit.
  • What to expect between 6 and 9 months.

Bonus content!

  • Herbal guide (“monograph”) with detailed information about typical use*

Extra bonus!

  • A black and white copy for naturopathic physicians to use in their office.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. 

Learn about natural alternatives to Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

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  1. (verified owner)

    What a waste of money. I liked all the free content here and appreciate the dr sharing knowledge, but this “guidebook” is a waste of money and SO misleading. not only is it filled with common knowledge found in any google search or baby book, it recommends solids way too early and is completely out of line with the latest recommendation of waiting till 6-7 months before introducing solids to prevent allergies. I thought they would talk about BLW, but they advocate purees first. That is NOT BLW. not only that. it’s 8 pages and 3 of them are fluff!!!! one is the title, the next is blank, and the third is a disclaimer. I can’t believe they are taking people’s money for this! there isn’t anything in here you probably don’t know already. smh…I wish I could get a refund. i feel scammed for sure!!!!

    • Hi Disgruntled,

      Sorry to hear you aren’t happy with the product.

      We recommend solids between the ages of 4-11 months, with “tastes” at 4 months, and then normal quantities at 6 months. (We discuss the “tastes” section in depth in the 4 month guide.) This is in-line with brand new research that clearly shows that early introduction of solid foods is actually associated with LESS food allergies later in life. This includes potentially allergenic foods like peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, and more. This is a huge change in research and a very large shift in clinical practice. I absolutely want parents to be informed that early solid food introduction is beneficial for the child’s immune system. (Again, more is in the 4 month guide.)

      We recommend trying purees for the first 1-2 foods, just to determine food-readiness. Kids who spit out purees will not be ready for Baby Led Weaning, and this is a great way to tell.

      These guides are not meant to be an encyclopedia of everything you could encounter at a certain age group. They are a natural alternative to the well child handouts typically given at pediatrician’s appointments, which we find is severely lacking in information about optimal health. The 6 month guide is very heavy in solid-food information, because that is what is most often discussed at that visit, so it doesn’t have as much information in other subjects as the other guides do.

      Again, sorry you didn’t find it helpful. We know many patients have in the past, because we’ve heard that feedback from them! We’ll forward your response to our team and give you a full refund.

      – Dr. Erika

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