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Naturopathic Pediatrics is YOUR site. We write articles, make videos, host webinars and do live events based on YOUR feedback and requests. If you are a healthy minded Mom, Dad, Grandparent, Caregiver or other health lover, then this site is for you. When you join you will receive e-mail updates with the latest blog posts and videos, invitations to live and online events, and super special health deals. (Don't worry - we never, ever spam you or sell your information, that would be mean.) For now Naturopathic Pediatrics will be free for all members - in the future that may change as we add paid membership options. All of our current members will be locked in and you will never pay a penny for new articles. Our group of members right now is amazing. We are so thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful, supportive community. We hope you will join too!

If you are a business, brand or community group and you would like to purchase advertising space or be involved in co-branding, please e-mail us: info at naturopathicpediatrics dot com. If you are a naturopathic physician who would like to contribute to Naturopathic Pediatrics, please e-mail info at naturopathicpediatrics dot com or contact Erika Krumbeck directly.  At this time we are not accepting articles, ebooks or webinars from professionals from other fields (MD, DO, PA-C, PT, OT, ARNP).  However, please stay in contact with us, as we always strive to build strong interdisciplinary bridges.  In the future we may host events that are interdisciplinary in nature, and we love and greatly appreciate our fellow colleagues.

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