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I totally get it...

As an integrative pediatric practitioner myself, I know that right now you probably feel:

Overwhelmed by conflicting information

You’re constantly bombarded with information, but finding reliable guidance on dosing, lab ranges, and safety for kids remains a challenge.

Time-crunched and burned out

Every minute counts in your day, and the thought of creating personalized, effective care plans from scratch feels like an impossible task.

Alone, like no one's there to guide you

You’re forced to tackle tough pediatric cases on your own, without a community of like-minded practitioners you can trust.

If any (or all!) of this strikes a chord, you’re in the right place.

Naturopathic Pediatrics PRO will give you the resources, knowledge, and unparalleled support to finally streamline your practice and gain confidence in your pediatric skills, no matter where you’re at right now.

And I’ll show you how! (Keep reading, you’re in for a treat.)

Just imagine...

What would it feel like to be:


in every decision you make for your young patients


by a community of peers who truly understand the integrative pediatric landscape


with more time for your patients and less on paperwork


to tackle even the most complex cases with assurance and expertise

Get all that and more

With Naturopathic Pediatrics PRO, you will finally have the confidence to tackle even the most complex pediatric cases with authority and ease. Gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources that empower you to make informed decisions, elevate patient outcomes, and become a trusted name in integrative pediatric healthcare.

The integrative pediatric practice you dream of IS closer than you think

There’s just ONE thing you need…

The right tools.

Practical modules

Every month, our membership delivers a module targeting a specific pediatric challenge, complete with a condensed 1 to 2 hour class and a Q&A session. You’ll get straight-to-the-point, actionable insights and clinical pearls designed to enhance your practice right away.

Done-for-you pediatric resources

Cut through the maze of conflicting and scattered info with direct access to trusted pediatric handouts, protocols, dosing and safety charts. All based on solid research, up-to-date evidence, and 11+ years of experience.

Supportive pediatric community

Become part of a community filled with like-minded providers of all types, all eager to help and support each other.


13+ years of course creation + sales experience

13+ years of course creation + sales experience

13+ years of course creation + sales experience

13+ years of course creation + sales experience

13+ years of course creation + sales experience

Pediatrics wasn’t the most highlighted specialty in school

“Pediatrics wasn’t the most highlighted specialty in school and working with Dr. K helped give me a broad understanding of pediatrics through a mix of understanding stages of development and common conditions, along with natural modalities and the research behind them, especially herbs!”

–Dr. Jordi Smith

Meet your mentor

Dr. Erika Krumbeck, ND, FABNP

I never want another provider to have to reinvent the wheel.

Doing integrative pediatrics is always rewarding, but it is NOT always easy.

For most of my professional practice, I could never count on a standard of integrative pediatric care. What little protocols and databases there I could find were often buried under hours of research, and, most importantly, I didn’t have a centralized integrative pediatric community to rely on.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because your experience has been very much the same.

In fact, I understand the challenges you face daily because I’ve been there. From the lack of reliable natural pediatric information, to the pressure of staying updated with the most effective treatments.

For 11 years, I’ve poured hours into research, developing tools like handouts, templates, and up-to-date protocols to give patients top level care. I’ve combined the latest science with traditional wisdom, covering everything from biochemistry to child psychology and herbal medicine.

I have created dosing shortcuts, time-tested herbal formulas, parenting resources, and so much more…

Now, I want to make sure no one has to do it again.

Whether you're integrative, functional, naturopathic, or even conventional,

This is for you.

Nurse Practitioners

Naturopathic Doctors

Registered Nurses

Physician Assistants

Medical Doctors (MDs)

upcoming modules

Sign up today, get access to everything that's to come:

  • April: Pediatric Constipation: Evidence-Based Naturopathic and Integrative Approaches to Treating Constipation in Children
  • May: Understanding Pediatric Lab Ranges
  • June: Natural approach to Oppositional Defiance Disorder & Conduct Disorder
  • July: Herbal solutions for sleep & anxiety disorders in children
  • August: Evidence-based nutritional interventions for ADHD in children
  • September: Integrative approach to Asthma treatment
  • October: Botanical Medicine for URI, bronchitis, croup
  • November: Botanical Medicine for common acute pediatric complaints: otitis media, otitis externa, Hand Foot & Mouth, viral pharyngitis
  • December: Proven clinical strategies fussy infants: colic, reflux and more
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Monthly modules

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