Vaccines – State by State Laws and Naturopathic Licensing


This list was compiled by Community Health intern Emily Wood in 2019.  If you have updates to this list please e-mail [email protected]


In Alaska religious and medical exemptions for vaccines are permitted. Naturopaths in Alaska must be licensed to practice. It is undefined whether or not naturopaths in Alaska are able to administer vaccinations.

Naturopathic Laws in Alaska

State of Alaska Child Care & School Immunization Requirements Packet (Preschool-12)

State of Alaska Religious Exemption Form

Immunization for Children Program


In Arizona, children are allowed to be exempt from immunizations based on personal beliefs, medical reasons, and religious beliefs. Naturopaths are licensed and seen equal to MDs in Arizona. This allows them to fill out medical exemption forms as well as administer vaccines. Some school districts may require more vaccines than listed on the state-wide list, always double check with a child’s school.

Grades K-12 (Immunization Requirements)


Immunization Medical Exemption Form

Immunization Religious Beliefs Exemption Form

Personal Beliefs Exemption Form Kindergarten – 12 Grade Only

Arizona Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program Operations Guide (Arizona’s branch’s guide of the nation wide Vaccines for Children Program)

State of Arizona Administrative Code. Title 9, Article 7.


In California, naturopathic doctors (while under an MD) are allowed to write medical exemptions for school aged children. Interestingly while MDs also write medical exemptions, neither MDs nor NDs get the final say. In California, MDs as well as NDs are now only allowed to write five exemptions per year without being investigated, however they are often rejected. Depending on the county one lives in, a child may require different immunizations other than some state wide ones. Check with your county’s health department to learn exactly which immunizations a child needs. Children in California are not allowed to enroll in school without being immunized and the corresponding documentation.

CA Code of Regulations (Immunizations needed for each grade/age, also touches on conditional admission)


Child Care/Preschool Immunization Requirements

Preteen/Adolescent Immunization Requirements

Homeless Education – Specialized Programs (CA Dept of Education) (speaks on immunizations for homeless children as well as enrollment in schools)


The state of Colorado accepts medical, religious, or personal belief exemptions. In Colorado Naturopaths are registered, but not licensed. Naturopaths are prohibited from treating children eight years old or younger unless they: have written permission from a collaborative physician, present the most current immunization schedule recommended by the CDC to the parent/guardian. It is not specified whether or not Naturopaths may administer immunizations in Colorado.

2020 Combined Immunization Schedule for Persons Aged 0 through 6 years

Adolescent Immunization Schedule Ages 7-18 Years (link to chart, scroll down to see)

Code of Colorado Regulations

Medical Exemption English.pdf



Religious as well as medical exemptions are permitted in Connecticut. Naturopaths are licensed physicians in this state. It is unspecified whether or not naturopathic doctors are able to administer vaccines in the state of Connecticut. To receive a history of immunizations form, you must ask your medical provider.

Connecticut Department of Public Health Medical Exemption Certification Statement

State of Connecticut Department of Public Health Religious Exemption Statement


Immunization Laws and Regulations


District of Columbia

Medical and religious exemptions are permitted in the District of Columbia. Naturopaths are licensed here, however it is undefined whether or not they are permitted to administer vaccines.

DC Universal Health/Immunization Certificate

District of Columbia Immunization Requirements Age 2 – Grade 12

HPV Exemption Form

Vaccines For Children – VFC 


In Hawaii, religious as well as medical exemptions are permitted if adequate documentation is present. It is undefined whether or not naturopaths can administer vaccines, but Hawaiian naturopaths are licensed. Medical exemptions must be requested and obtained through medical providers.

2020-2021 School Health Requirements (Childcare/preschool-12th grade)

Hawaii Administrative Rules 

Religious Vaccination Exemption Form

Hawaii Administrative Rules for Naturopaths

Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program


Religious as well as medical exemptions are permitted in the state of Idaho. Naturopaths in Idaho are also licensed and able to practice. However, it is not specified whether or not ND’s can administer vaccinations in the state of Idaho.

Preschool & Grades K-12 (School Immunization Requirements)

Idaho School Immunization Exemption Form

ImmunizationRecordRequests (The Immunization Records can be requested online, no forms to be found).

Idaho Laws/Rules for Immunizations


In Maine no exemptions are allowed for religious or personal beliefs beginning on Sept. 1, 2021. Naturopaths in the state of Maine are licensed and able to administer vaccines as well as fill out medical exemptions. Immunization records and exemption forms must be requested through a medical provider (including NDs).

Immunization Requirements for K-12

Childhood Immunizations | Child Health (Link to Immunizations for Children Program)

Immunization Laws | Immunization Program | Division of Disease Surveillance | MeCDC


Medical and religious exemptions are permitted in Maryland. Naturopathic doctors in Maryland are licensed, however it is undefined whether or not they may administer vaccines.

Vaccine Requirements For K-12 and Preschool

Maryland Immunization Certificate and Exemption Form

Free Vaccine Program Info


Massachusetts allows for medical and religious exemptions from vaccines. You may find the religious exemption forms at the child’s school. Medical exemption forms must be requested from medical providers (NDs included). As of February 2020, naturopaths are licensed in the state of Massachusetts but they are not allowed to administer vaccines.

Immunization Requirements for K-College (has links for K-College, summer camp requirements, and a new [as of 2020] meningococcal requirement)

General Law – Part I, Title XII, Chapter 76, Section 15 (Laws on immunizations)

Certificate of Immunization

Vaccine Program


Personal belief and medical exemptions are permitted in Minnesota. Naturopaths of Minnesota are licensed, however it is undefined whether or not they are able to administer vaccines.

Get Your Non-Medical Exemption Form Notarized

  • Note: This link gives you the multiple options on how to approach a non-medical exemption.

Student Immunization and Exemption Form – Minnesota Dept. of Health

Student Immunization Schedule from Birth to Age 16 – Minnesota Dept. of Health

Free or Low-Cost Shots for Children


Naturopathic doctors in Montana are allowed to vaccinate children and fill out certificates of immunization.  Naturopathic doctors are NOT allowed to fill out the medical exemption form, though the law/s that govern medical exemptions are not consistent in their exclusion of naturopathic doctors.

Montana Department of Public Health Immunizations/Vaccines Web Page (almost all information can be found through links on this main site)

Montana Childcare Certificate of Immunization

Montana Conditional Attendance Form

Montana Varicella History Form

Montana Medical Exemption Form

  • Note: qualifications for Medical Exemption are extremely strict in the state of Montana.  See the form for guidance on what is considered a true medical exemption.

Montana Religious Exemption Form

  • Note: Religious Exemption form needs to be filled out and notarized yearly.  Definition of religious exemption is not fully laid out in MT state code.

Montana Required Immunizations for Preschool through 12th grade. 

Administrative Rules of Montana (This link shows the actual law that governs vaccinations in children in Montana.)

Information about the Vaccines For Children program, which serves Medicaid and Uninsured Montana Children.


Naturopathic doctors are not licensed in the state of Nevada, therefore they are unable to administer vaccines nor fill out medical exemptions. Nevada allows for medical as well as religious exemptions. Religious Exemptions must be completed and turned in by the parent to the school. Medical Exemptions must be completed and turned in by a medical professional to the school.

Immunizations Required for Child Care

Immunizations Required for School


Nevada’s Statewide Immunization Information System (Keeps Record of all Immunizations)

Religious Exemption Form

New Hampshire

New Hampshire allows for religious and medical immunization exemptions. It is undefined whether or not Naturopaths can administer vaccines, however they are licensed practitioners. Immunization history must be requested from a healthcare provider.

New Hampshire Immunization Laws

Certificate of Religious Exemption

Immunization Program for Children

NH Immunization Requirements for All Ages

Immunizations Tracking Tool for Birth-6 years old

New Mexico

In New Mexico, religious as well as personal belief exemptions are permitted. Naturopaths are licensed and able to practice as primary care doctors in this state. It is unspecified whether or not naturopathic physicians are allowed to administer vaccines in New Mexico.

New Mexico Child Care – 12th Grade School Immunization Requirements

Religious/Medical Exemption Form 

Immunization Program

Laws for the Statewide Immunization Information System

North Dakota 

Naturopaths are licensed in the state of North Dakota. It is undefined whether or not Naturopaths are able to administer vaccines. Religious, personal belief, and medical exemptions are all allowed.

Certificate Of Immunization/Exemption Form

Birth – 5 Years Immunization Requirements

K-12 Immunization Requirements

Immunization Program


Oregon allows naturopathic doctors to administer vaccines to children and write a doctor’s note for medical exemption. Different immunizations are required for preschool and kindergarten depending on individual schools/early development centers.

Vaccines For Children Program (For children under medicaid or those uninsured)

Immunization Requirements for Each Grade as of the School Year 2020-2021

Oregon Health Authority : Exemptions and Immunity : Immunization Resources : State of Oregon

  • Note: This link outlines to parents in Oregon state how they can apply for their child’s medical or “non-medical” (personal, philosophical, religious)  exemption.

Oregon Health Authority : Nonmedical Vaccine Exemptions : Immunization Resources : State of Oregon

  • Note: Non-medical exemptions for college aged students and young children as well as granted only after completing these modules. The certificate given to you after completion signifies that you have been educated on the benefits of vaccines.

School Immunization Rules (laws)

State of Oregon Immunization Record Form


In the state of Pennsylvania religious, personal belief, and medical exemptions are permitted. Naturopaths are registered but not licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. It is undefined whether Naturopaths can administer vaccines or not.

Vaccination Requirements for Pennsylvania Schools K-12

Vaccination Records Form

Birth to 15 months Vaccine Requirements Schedule

7 to 18 Years Age Vaccine Requirement Schedule

PA laws on Immunization

Religious Vaccine Exemption Form

Immunizations Program

Rhode Island

Naturopaths are not licensed in the state of Rhode Island, therefore naturopaths are unable to give vaccines. Religious and medical exemptions are both allowed in the state of Rhode Island.

Religious Immunization Exemption Certificate For Use in Public and Private Daycare, Preschool, School & College

Medical Immunization Exemption Certificate For Use in Public and Private Daycare, Preschool, School & College

Immunization Information for Schools & Childcare Providers: Department of Health

  • Note: This link includes links to exemption forms and also immunizations required at each age from birth to 18 years old.


In Utah, it is undefined whether or not naturopaths are able to administer vaccines, however they are licensed and recognized as physicians. Exemptions are allowed for personal, medical and religious reasons.

Vaccines for Children Program

  • Note: This link give the low-down on Vaccinations for Kids Program and a list of participating practitioners in Utah.

Utah Immunization Rule

  • Note: This link also includes vaccinations necessary for school.


Utah Immunization Guidebook 2019 | 2020 (More in-depth look at everything “vaccine” in Utah.)


Naturopaths are licensed in the state of Vermont and as such are able to fill out vaccine exemptions as well as administer vaccines. Exemptions are allowed if they are religious and/or medical.

School Year 2019-20 Religious Immunization Exemption Child Care and Schools

Documentation of Varicella (Chickenpox) Disease

Vermont Recommended Child & Teen Vaccination Schedule

Vaccines for 2 Months – 4 Years of Age 

Vermont Immunization Rules/Laws

Immunization Registry

Vermont Child Vaccine Program / Vermont Adult Vaccine Program


In Wyoming Naturopaths are not licensed and as such they are unable to administer vaccines or fill out exemption waivers for vaccines. Wyoming has very strict rules about attending school without immunizations. A child cannot attend school or even day care for more than thirty days without immunization records presented.

Statutes & Rules (Laws and rules for Wyoming immunizations.)


  • Note: Wyoming accepts religious and medical exemptions but must be requested via “waivers”. This link is to a page that explains their rules on this as well as links to the individual waivers. Requests are accepted or denied by State Health Officers and County Health Officers.

Requirements for Daycare as well as Preschool

Restriction of Use and Disclosures Request Form

  • Note: Immunization Records must be requested by health care providers or requested from the department of health with this form.


In Washington State Naturopaths are allowed to vaccinate children and fill out certificates of immunization. They are also allowed to fill out the medical exemption form. Washington allows for both medical and religious exemptions.

Immunization Laws and Rules – Child Care (Pretty much all info can be found here through links.)

Individual Vaccine Requirement Guidelines on Immunizations Required for Child Care/Preschool and School Entry in Washington

Washington State Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS)

Preschool and Kindergarten Immunization Requirements

Certificate of Exemption Personal/Religious

Immunization Law and Rules – Schools :: Washington State Department of Health  (This link has all the links for each law depending on the age of the children.)

Patient Eligibility : Washington State Department of Health (This link holds information about vaccines for uninsured/medicaid children.)

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