Katia Bailetti, ND

Katia Bailetti, ND

Dr. Katia Bailetti, ND specializes in naturopathic pediatric care.

Katia completed her medical education at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2004. Prior to becoming a naturopathic doctor, she graduated with honors from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor degree in biology (1998) and from Humber College with a paramedic diploma (1999).

Dr. Bailetti is passionate about empowering parents to do what they do best – caring for their children. As a mother of three, Katia is well aware that parents will spend hundreds of hours carefully monitoring sick kids and nursing them back to health. Katia’s approach acknowledges that parents are experts on their children and can play an active role in helping them heal - they can easily pick up on subtle changes in their child's health and provide 'round the clock compassionate care. Dr. Bailetti assists families to identify signs of illness early and confidently use natural therapies at home to treat common childhood complaints.

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