Corinne Maul De Soto, ND

Corinne Maul De Soto, ND

Dr. Corinne Maul De Soto is a licensed naturopathic physician practicing in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Her focus is in pediatrics and women’s health including preconception counseling, post-partum recovery and hormonal imbalance. One of her primary goals as a naturopathic pediatrician is to educate parents so they can feel confident and comfortable about the decisions they make for their children. She helps kids decrease or even stop strong medications by treating chronic conditions such as ADHD, autism and asthma naturally. She has seen first-hand as a mother and doctor how the foundations of lasting health are best established at the beginning.

Dr. De Soto received a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and a Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. Her undergraduate degree is in Engineering and she worked as a researcher, a science teacher, an herbalist and in sustainable development prior to becoming a physician. She met her husband in Guatemala and they have two lively and entertaining daughters.

Dr. De Soto works integratively with pediatricians, mental health workers and other specialists to provide the most progressive, evidence-informed and holistic medicine available. Dr. De Soto empowers her patients and helps them navigate health at all stages of life.

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