Danielle Currey, ND

Danielle Currey, ND

Health care and education have been passions for Dr. Currey from a young age; she discovered naturopathic medicine almost by accident when she wandered into a health career fair and fell in love with its focus on treating the root cause of disease while empowering patients to learn more about their own health. Before this eureka moment, Dr. Currey worked as a nursing assistant in elder care facilities, this experience reinforced the importance of health care education and preventative medicine.

It is Dr. Currey’s desire to reinvigorate the idea a feel of the neighborhood family doctor. Naturopathic medicine allows her to spend more time with her patients, use a wider range of tools for their treatment, and recognize their smiling faces when they come through the door. She believes that naturopathic medicine is for everyone.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, knitting, cooking, and exploring the Pacific Northwest. She volunteers her time teaching a variety of health and science related topics, including nutrition, to elementary and middle school children and teaches science courses at her local Community College.

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