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The products below are our favorites!  We recommend these products to our patients all the time!

Many of the product links below are affiliate links.  This means when you purchase a product a small portion of the sale comes back to Naturopathic Pediatrics and helps us continue to make awesome content.  These products are ones that we know and trust.  We only act as an affiliate for goods and services that we wholeheartedly believe will benefit you.

Remember if you are using medical products, supplements, medical foods or sensory supplies to please check with your healthcare provider before starting anything new.

Dr. Erika's office carries almost entirely Wise Woman Herbal products for herbal tinctures and teas. They have an excellent selection to choose from, and have many fertility and kids-specific products.

Wise Woman Herbals

Bookshop is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. 10% of every sale goes to support local bookstores. And 0% goes to Jeff Bezos, CEO of (We think he has enough money already.)

Fertility tracking is super easy with the Ava Science bracelet. Ava uses 5 parameters to identify the fertile window for women trying to conceive. It is also super easy to use with a handy free app.

Ava Fertility Bracelets

Fun & Function is a great resource for providers and parents needing sensory solutions. Enjoy the best selection of sensory tools for sensory processing, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and special needs.

Fun & Function

Dr. Erika's kids use these weighted blankets! Soft, cozy, just weighted enough to help wiggly children settle down and fall asleep. These are beautiful blankets.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets

Babies were born to be worn! We love the baby carriers at They have a variety of beautiful wraps and carriers.

Boba Baby Carriers & Wraps

There are lots of cloth diapers to choose from, but we think Grovia has some of the cutest around! If you are new to cloth diapering check out their Cloth Diaper Guides.


A wearable, cordless breast pump! Yes, thank you! Pump quietly, on-the-go with spillproof containers. A must for busy Moms.

Willow breast pumps

Seeking Health is the best quality for consumer-direct supplements. They have many supplements for patients with MTHFR, DAO, COMT and MAOA SNP's, plus many products for our very sensitive patients.

Seeking Health