Submission Criteria

Naturopathic Pediatrics Submission criteria

Naturopathic Pediatrics is the web’s leading source for reliable information on the practice of naturopathic pediatrics.  Our primary audience is licensed naturopathic doctors specializing in pediatrics and their patients.  Naturopathic Pediatrics also serves students of CNME-approved naturopathic medical colleges, family practice naturopathic doctors, integrative pediatricians, registered dietitians, functional medicine physicians, and pediatric-focused providers including chiropractors, occupational therapists, physical therapists. 


Contributed articles must be the author’s original content, and may be unpublished OR previously published by the author’s own distribution source/s ONLY. (E.g., previously published on the author’s professional website.)

Strong preference is given to content submitted by graduates from a CNME-accredited institution: BINM, Vancouver BC; CCNM, Toronto, ON; University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, Bridgeport, CT; Bastyr University, Seattle, WA; Bastyr University, San Diego, CA; NCNM, Portland, OR; SCNM, Tempe, AZ; NUHS, Lombard, IL.

Other providers who are experts within their field (PhD, OT, PT, SLP, etc) may also contribute articles, but will be published on a space-available basis only. 


Articles MUST cover a specific topic pertaining to the practice of naturopathic pediatrics. 

Topics are EITHER intended for a patient-based audience (written to 8th grade reading level), OR for a provider-based audience

Articles for providers MUST cover a specific topic, diagnostic approach, review of research, case study, or protocol.  Dosage recommendations or frequency/timing of treatment should be included.

Additional provider resources: highest quality content also includes actionable items usable in naturopathic practice.  For example, an article on the benefits of wet wrap therapy for use in atopic dermatitis patients, including action item: patient handout on wet wrap use.  Another example may include: treatment-resistant iron-deficiency anemia, with action item: 4 lab tests recommended with ICD-10 code, recommended iron bisglycinate patch including dose based on weight.

Note: writers will not be responsible for designing or layout of handouts.  Patient handouts may be included in a text-only format (with or without additional pictures/diagrams/photographs if applicable), at the end of the submitted article, prefaced with: ——— HANDOUT ———

Articles for patients MUST cover a specific topic, naturopathic approach to treatment, review of research, etc.  Specific dosage recommendations should not be included, but general recommendations may be included (“ask your doctor about using fish oil.”). E.g., How to use a wet wrap for eczema.

ALL articles, whenever possible, should be based on or make reference to the Therapeutic Order or the Principles of Naturopathic Medicine. 

Any conflicts of interest must be clearly stated

Topic areas:

  • New research, e.g. a review of a particular research article, OR a summary of research in a particular topic
  • Diagnostic algorithms, especially those that include a naturopathic perspective. (E.g., “Learning Disorders”  1. Rule out iron deficiency, 2. evaluate social anxiety, 3. refer to neuropsychiatry, 4. rule out lead toxicity, …etc, etc.)
  • A compilation of treatment options from the perspective of the therapeutic order
  • Use of laboratory assessments in naturopathic pediatric practice.  This may include conventional OR alternative/unconventional lab sources IF relevant research citations are used and a discussion of pros/cons of testing is included.
  • Clinical pearls
  • Case studies – highly desired
  • Pediatric practice or business management
  • Use of new technologies
  • Pediatric safety, or addressing potentially unsafe pediatric trends.


To submit your post please go to  Note you must be logged in to an active account to submit your post.  If you cannot log-in please e-mail your file to [email protected].

File Prep & Requirements:

  • Word count: 1000–3000 words per article
  • Formatting: Use NO special formatting.  Any additional content meant for a physician handout/guide should be separated from the main article with the heading: — — — HANDOUT — — —
  • Personal bio: Include a square-sized professional photo (headshot preferred) at least 800×800 pixels.  Provide all image files in separate jpg files.  Include a short 1-paragraph professional biography and a longer 3-paragraph professional biography. 
  • Graphics: Include all illustrations, charts, graphs, and photo images, etc in separate files

References & Permissions:

  • Images: For borrowed images, authors are REQUIRED to secure any copyright permissions in advance.
  • All citations must be provided in AMA style: Any article submitted without citations in proper form will be returned to the author for corrections prior to editing.

Submission process:

All articles will be reviewed and edited for search engine optimization, accuracy and readability.  Some articles are heavily edited or re-organized for search engine optimization, please do not be offended.   Authors will be notified within 10 business days from submission if their article will be added to the editorial calendar.  Time from submission to publication is approximately 1 month, but depending on the calendar and timeline it may be up to 3 months.