Vaccines Demystified webinar available for sale.

Vaccines Demystified webinar available for sale.

You asked for unbiased information regarding vaccines.  Well, you got it!

This recorded lecture includes all the latest research regarding vaccines, vaccine adverse events and immunology.  Written and recorded by Dr. Erika Krumbeck, naturopathic physician (and worried Mom) who specializes in pediatrics and vaccine safety. Also included is an e-book workbook filled with the data included in the lecture and a blank vaccine worksheet.

This is not a “pro-vaccine” or an “anti-vaccine” webinar.  This lecture presents all the facts regarding vaccines in a non-biased, non-judgmental atmosphere.  This course also sifts out the facts regarding the link between vaccines and autism.  You will learn about the adjuvants in vaccines and what effects they may have on the body.  There is also a brief discussion on allergies and what to do with children who have other health conditions like asthma or severe allergies. Learn which vaccines are live virus vaccines, and which vaccines contain aluminum (and why this is controversial). Other topics include: thimerosal, the MMR scare, autoimmune disease, nosodes instead of vaccinating, breastfeeding instead of vaccinating, the use of Tylenolabortion and pro-life parents, how to use VAERS, use of probiotics, glutamine and vitamin A when vaccinating.

Learn what vaccines are associated with multiple sclerosis, asthma/allergies, eczema, intusussception, febrile seizures and more.

This webinar teaches the facts about immunizations – what disease each vaccine is designed to prevent, when it is most appropriate to give them, and what is actually in each vaccine.  We will go over the actual data on the incidence of disease as well as the chance of having an adverse vaccine reaction.  You will also learn how to prevent vaccine adverse reactions and what not to do when vaccinating your child.

Vaccine information from someone you can trust. Learn about vaccines away from the media hype, internet hearsay and celebrity endorsement!

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Erika Krumbeck, ND, FABNP
Erika Krumbeck

Dr. Erika Krumbeck is the proud founder and editor of, the leading internet source for trustworthy natural health information for children and naturopathic pediatric providers. She is also the owner of Montana Whole Health, a primary care naturopathic practice in Missoula, MT. She is one of few doctors with the FABNP designation, meaning she is a board-certified pediatric naturopathic physician. Dr. Krumbeck has specialized training in treating chronic conditions in children using safe, gentle and effective natural remedies. She helps bridge the gap between conventional medicine and complementary/alternative medicine by using both new research and traditional naturopathic therapies to guide treatment.


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    May 28, 2013 at 11:40 am

    What vaccine schedule do you recommend for a healthy child?
    Would you be willing to share your daughter’s vaccines schedule?

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