Vaccines Demystified course. Unbiased, guilt-free information about vaccines.

Guilt-free, unbiased information about vaccines. Vaccines Demystified. – *Now includes RSV*

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Vaccines Demystified is a self-paced webinar full of unbiased, reliable information answering the most common questions about vaccines. Free of guilt, fear or shame.

This is not an “anti-vaccine” course.  This is not a “pro-vaccine” course. This course presents all the facts regarding early childhood vaccinations in a non-biased, non-judgmental atmosphere.  Parents and caregivers who are questioning the CDC schedule, are contemplating an alternate vaccine schedule, or who are thinking about declining vaccinations for their children are welcome, as are parents who are planning on completing the full vaccine schedule.

**New: Updated to include RSV (Beyfortus)**


Vaccines Demystified is your best source for unbiased, reliable information about childhood immunizations. No guilt, no shame.  Learn about childhood vaccines away from the hype.

This is not an “anti-vaccine” course.  This is not a “pro-vaccine” course.  This course presents all the facts regarding early childhood vaccinations in a non-biased, non-judgmental atmosphere.
We get it!  This course will help you sort out fact from fiction, and truth from exaggeration.

Learn about: 

  • How do I naturally support my child through vaccinations?
  • What is thimerosal? Which vaccines contain thimerosal? How do I avoid thimerosal in vaccines?
  • Which vaccines contain preservatives? What do we know about vaccine additives and preservatives?
  • Why is aluminum in vaccines? What is a vaccine adjuvant? Which vaccines are low in aluminum?
  • What side effects can happen? Are they common?
  • Why should my child avoid Tylenol around the time of vaccinations?
  • Which vaccines does my child really NEED?

Here’s what you get:

  • An e-book with a full summary of each pediatric vaccine. This e-book includes space to take notes.
  • Videos on each individual infant vaccine. These videos vary in length from about 5 minutes to about 25 minutes.
  • Videos on special topics. These videos vary in length from about 1 minute to about 20 minutes. These special topics include autism, aluminum, SIDS, VAERS, vaccines and abortion, preventing vaccine reactions, making vaccines more comfortable and more.
  • Videos answering additional questions.  These two “office hours” videos are full of nifty little naturopathic thoughts and tips, going beyond just childhood vaccinations.
  • Downloads of vaccine planning documents, vaccine spacing guides, alternate vaccine schedules and a guide to making decisions about vaccines for your family.
  • Over 4 hours of videos content.

Each vaccine video includes information about:

  • The disease
  • The vaccine
  • All the vaccine ingredients. What do we know about some of these additives, preservatives and adjuvants? (Are they safe?)
  • When it is normally given.
  • Expected side effects from the vaccine
  • Possible adverse events (serious side effects)
  • Common myths
  • Uncommon knowledge (what most people may NOT know about the vaccine or disease)
  • Dr. Erika’s thoughts (e.g., which vaccines “sting,” which ones tend to cause a rash, which vaccines you should NOT give together, how to prevent fevers after certain vaccines, and LOTS more.)

Special topics:

  • Why NOT to give Tylenol around the time of vaccines
  • Do vaccines cause autism?  What do we know, and what don’t we know about this topic? (And what does Dr. Erika think?)
  • Abortion and vaccines, and other religious objections to vaccinating
  • Is there a link between SIDS and vaccines?
  • How to avoid thimerosal in vaccines.
  • All about aluminum in vaccines.  Why is it in vaccines?  Is it dangerous?
  • VAERS and what to do if your child has a vaccine adverse reaction.
  • Timing, scheduling and alternate vaccine schedules.
  • How to make vaccines more comfortable.  How to reduce the risk of vaccine side-effects and adverse events.  (Yes, we do have research on this!)

Honest questions deserve honest answers.