Meet Dr. Currey

Meet Dr. Currey

Welcome, my name is Danielle, I am a mother of two middle schoolers, doctor, teacher, wife, knitter, and human being.  My family and I call Clackamas, Oregon our home, and we love, love, love living in the Northwest.  I have been practicing naturopathic medicine in my private clinic since October 2013, and living the principles of naturopathic medicine far longer.  My family and I focus on staying active, eating nourishing whole foods, being life-long learners, and doing what we love everyday.  This wasn’t always so easy.

After some turmoil in our family life, a few moves, and a remarriage, my children had developed some horrible eating habits – they literally sat on their hands and cried at meal times if there was anything green on their plates.  Elora was underweight, weak, and had chronic diarrhea; Isaiah had emotional issues, was always sick with a cold, and even developed kidney stones.  I knew something had to change.

We consulted with one of my mentor teachers who is a fantastic Naturopathic Doctor and discovered that both of my children were not benefitting from the food they were eating, and in fact, some of it was making them sick. After some trial and error, we discovered that neither my children, nor I do well when eating gluten or dairy, so they were thrown out.  With a little more detective work, we discovered that peanuts also gave both kids stomach troubles so they were removed as well.

In our house, we need to walk the walk.  I’ve seen first hand, and in intimate detail, the benefits of dietary changes, the wonder of homeopathy, the healing power of herbs, the transformative nature of exercise, and so much more.

In addition to my personal connection with the tools of naturopathic medicine, I also hold strongly to the principles – especially docere (doctor as teacher).  All of my patients receive the benefit of knowledge.  They learn why I am measuring their blood pressure, what I am learning from their labs, how their bodies are working, and why I ask them to follow their treatment plans, my students learn about the wonder of the human body, and in partnership with my husband who is an elementary school teacher, the children I teach nutrition and other science units get hands on, in-depth lessons.  The more we know, the healthier we are.

Check back often.  In addition to the wealth of knowledge you will receive from the other contributors here,  from me, you will read tips that pertain more to school age children and the issues they and you face including how to help them develop healthy lifestyles and other topics regarding parenting and caring for children growing in their independence.

To our health!


Danielle Currey

Dr. Currey is a naturopathic doctor practicing in Clackamas, Oregon. She enjoys serving families and fostering a sense of community in her area. In her spare time she volunteers as a science/health instructor with a local elementary/middle school, hiking the NW, and teaching anatomy and physiology at Clackamas Community College. <a href="">Schedule an appointment with Dr. Currey in Clackamas, OR</a>

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