5 things to know before seeing a Naturopathic Doctor for Infertility

5 things to know before seeing a naturopathic doctor for #infertility

5 things to know before seeing a Naturopathic Doctor for Infertility

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Taking about infertility can be hard, especially if you’ve already been talking about it for awhile. So, here’s what you can expect at your first appointment with a Naturopathic Doctor.

1. Bring copies of any bloodwork and/or other tests you’ve had done.

If you’ve already been worked up by a family doctor or OBGYN, try to bring copies of these to your first appointment.  The results of these tests can help us get to the root cause of why you haven’t gotten pregnant.

2. Be prepared to talk about your period.

We will ask you about the length of your cycle, whether you experience any premenstrual symptoms, pain etc.  I often suggest using one of the many menstrual tracking apps to make gathering this information easier. And, we may ask you to track your basal body temperature for a cycle or two.

3.  Bring a list of medications and supplements you take at home.

We will carefully review these to see if any have the potential to interfere with getting pregnant, or staying pregnant.  Or, we may suggest changes if indicated.

4. Keep a 1-week diet diary.

Food is medicine, and the food you eat can profoundly influence your fertility. There are several evidence-based diets (such as the mediterranean diet) that are associated with higher rates of fertility and pregnancy. But, before we suggest these changes, we want to see where you’re starting from!

5. Be patient.

This is the hardest recommendation to follow, as many patients we see have already been patient, often for many years.  But, remember that it takes approximately 100 days or so for an egg to complete its maturation cycle, so the changes you make today (or next week) may not take full effect for 3-4 months.

But, above  all else, we want to see you be as healthy as you can be.  Fertility often follows health, so if you aren’t at your best we will help you get there.

And finally, know that we will meet you wherever you are in the process.  We welcome all couples to our practice, whether they’re getting ready for IVF or just starting the process of figuring it all out. If you’ve already decided to pursue IUI or IVF, you can read about our complementary approach here.

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Jennifer Salib Huber

Dr. Jenn, as she is known to her patients has been in practice since 2004 as a Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Dietitian. Her family-centered practice welcomes patients of all ages, and she especially enjoys working with women in all phases of their reproductive life, and children of all ages. With a strong emphasis on diet and nutrition, she guides her patients to their best health. She also enjoys writing about health and her blog can be found at <a href="">Pillars of Health</a>

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