Thinking outside the box: packing a healthy lunch your child will eat!


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Are you looking forward to back to school time, but dreading packing lunches every night or in a rush before your child leaves for school? How about putting children in charge of packing their own lunch? Teaching children how to pack their own lunch is a valuable lesson for a few reasons: it’s a great way to teach them how to create a well-balanced meal, bringing a lunch can save money and make sure they are getting proper nutrition, and putting them in charge of this task also creates more time for you!

Ditch the boring PB&J with these helpful resources:

100 days of real food

This website has lots of photos of school lunches with ingredients included.   You can also search the lunches for “dairy-free” or “nut-free” if your child or classroom has any restrictions.

Nom Nom Paleo

You don’t have to follow a paleo lifestyle to find this website useful. I love looking at all of the colorful meals she puts together for her children’s lunches.

Nourishing Meals

I share the “Packing a Healthy Lunchbox” resource with all of the school-age children in my practice. I have them cross foods off they don’t like and add their favorites that might be missing from the chart – this empowers them to pack their own lunch and you will find they will actually eat what they pack!

Useful tools that make lunch time exciting:

Yumbox – lots of compartments if your child is more of a “snacker”

Insulated containers – great for packing warm soups

Bread cutter – cut sandwiches into fun shapes

Notecards – pack your child a loving message or funny joke to brighten their day

Packing a healthy lunch does not have to be boring or take a lot of time.  Utilizing some of the tips above should help to start the school year out right, all you need to do is think outside the box!

Looking for more natural medicine resources, including how to treat ADHD naturally?

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Emily Lesnak
Emily Lesnak
Dr. Emily Lesnak is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing at West Seattle Natural Medicine. She specializes in pediatrics and sees children of all ages for well visits, ADHD, gastrointestinal issues and behavioral disorders. Schedule with Dr. Emily at West Seattle Natural Medicine

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