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Wholesome Baking with Kiddo’s Part I: Sweeteners

Taste and smell are two of our senses that have the power to unearth our memories and emotions in remarkable detail, even decades later. The neural pathways for taste, smell and memory all reside together in our limbic system, known as our “primitive brain”, where we feel our emotions. Whether...

#1 Parenting Book Endorsed by Naturopathic Mothers

My colleagues, naturopathic doctor moms enthusiastically recommend  The Whole Brain Child  to any caregiver who is experiencing difficulty with behavior and communicating with their toddlers and children. The book was SO GOOD that I read it twice and wrote this “book report” post for parents who were interested but not yet...

4 sneaky sources of hidden toxic lead in your home from #Naturopathic Pediatrics.

4 sneaky sources of hidden toxic lead in your home

Lead can negatively effect people of all ages, but young children are the most susceptible to the effects of lead due to the vulnerability of their developing central nervous system. Exposure to lead can cause permanent central nervous system damage, lowered IQ, developmental delays and anemia among a host of...