How to do an elimination/challenge diet for food allergies and sensitivities

How to do an elimination/challenge diet (E-Book)


Step-by-step instructions on how to do an elimination/challenge diet to uncover hidden food allergies and sensitivities.  This e-book is designed to be used in conjunction with a physician’s instructions.


Purpose of an elimination/challenge diet

The purpose of the elimination/challenge diet is to uncover potential food allergies or sensitivities. Though there are many ways of testing food allergies/sensitivities – through blood tests, skin prick tests, or food diaries – the only way to be sure that you or your child has a food allergy/sensitivity is to do a complete elimination/challenge diet.  

The elimination phase of the diet gives the immune system time to rest and the body time to heal.  The challenge phase of the diet is designed to reveal which foods your body is sensitive to. 

How to do an elimination/challenge diet

It is very important to do this diet correctly!  Many patients eliminate and challenge foods without a clear road-map of how to do so.  This can lead to many false negative tests, and many patients believe they are not sensitive to foods when in fact they are.  This guide walks through exactly how to challenge foods.